Drapery 101

With all of the window treatment options out there, choosing the right style of drapes for your home can be tricky.

To help, we broke down everything you need to know about Barn & Willow’s five styles of drapes—Soft Top, 2 Pinch Pleats, 3 Pinch Pleats, Euro, and Grommet—so you pick the right ones for your windows. 

Available in four different lining options, including unlined, privacy, blackout, and combination blackout and privacy, and a variety of fabrics—think linen, velvet, cotton-organic, and blended—our drapes are custom-designed to suit your individual needs—so deciding what style you want will be the hardest part.

Soft Top

soft top drapes

For a casual and relaxed look, consider our Soft Top draperies. Designed without any pleats, soft top drapes work well for those who plan on opening and closing their curtains throughout the day—since they’re smooth and easy to slide. Employ a pair of sheer Belgian linen soft top drapes to bring a bohemian touch to a room or opt for pink cotton ones to bring some Scandi-style charm to a space.

Translation: Soft top drapes slide easily and create soft but sophisticated window scenes that complement just about any aesthetic taste.

2 Pinch Pleats

2 pinch pleat drapes

If you’re looking to forge a more contemporary look for a room, then 2 Pinch Pleats are the drapery style for you. Also known as double pleats, two-pinch pleats are constructed with less fabric than traditional three-pinch pleated drapes, creating fan-like folds that offer a slightly modern spin on classic curtains. But don’t let their cool exterior fool you—they still open and close with ease.

Translation: Prim but versatile, 2-Pinch Pleats are a sleek and stylish way to bring a contemporary touch to a space.

3 Pinch Pleats

3 pinch pleat drapes

Elegant and timeless, 3 Pinch Pleats are one of the most popular drapery styles. Often referred to as the three-finger pinch pleat, this drapery style features three pleats that are pinched together to offer greater fullness than our double pleated options. Consider a pair of velvet 3 Pinch Pleats to bring a dash of drama to a dining room or hang a pair of neutral linen ones in your living room for a touch of grandeur.

Translation: A curtain classic for a reason, 3 Pinch Pleats are voluminous and luxe-looking, making them a great choice for fans of traditional interiors.  

Euro Pleats

euro pleat drapes

For a simple, modern curtain display, look no further than our Euro Pleats. Pinched at the top but open at the bottom, Euro Pleats are designed to create subtle waves that billow out to the floor. A contemporary take on classic pinch pleats, versatile Euro Pleats look great in minimalist-style and Scandinavian-inspired spaces, as well as more traditional ones.

Translation: Euro Pleats offer a contemporary twist on classic pinch pleats that work wonders in both modern and traditional rooms.


drapes with grommets

Not a fan of curtain rings? No problem. Grommet drapes are designed with sleek metal rings that slide back and forth with ease, allowing you to bypass the need for curtain rings entirely. And since they’re constructed without pleats and easy-to-slide, these eye-catching drapes can be tightly stacked to maximize a good window view.

Translation: Stylish and easy-to use, Grommet drapes complement any interior style and don’t require the use of curtain rings.


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