Two Big Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Drapery

No matter how gorgeous your drapery panels may be, if you aren’t hanging them correctly, you’re not reaping the full benefits of their beauty. Luckily, installing your curtains like a pro is easy when you know exactly what not to do. Scroll down for the two most common mistakes people make with their drapes—and what to do instead.

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Image via Barn & Willow


1. You’re Hanging Your Rods Too Low

If you’re installing your curtain rods less than half a foot above the frame of your window, then you’re doing it wrong. The reality is, your curtain rod functions as a focal point in a room; so, the higher towards the ceiling you place your rod, the larger and more spacious your entire room will appear. That’s why Barn & Willow recommends hanging your rods at least 6 inches above the frame of the window to help create the illusion of a loftier space. If you’re hanging your rods low to avoid the look of too-short curtains, bypass the problem altogether by properly measuring your drapes in the first place with our handy measurement finder tool.

2. Your Rods Aren’t Long Enough

Along with hanging your curtain rods too low, there’s a good chance they’re not long enough for a sleek window display either. Make sure that your curtain rod extends at least three inches beyond the window on each side so that no light can leak in and the drapes overlap with the wall nicely. Translation: If you’re mounting your rods and drapes right above the window and too close to the window—rather than higher towards the ceiling and a few inches off the windows—your drapes can’t do their job correctly.





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