11 Gifts for Superior Sleep This Holiday

The holidays can be a stressful time of year, in fact this time of year is a notoriously stressful time. With the insane traffic, the pressure to be ready in time for the holidays and the not-so-healthy holiday eating, it's no wonder why. This year ask for and give the gift of sleep, with a few accessories that make it easy to unwind in bed and getting ample time for rest. 

Barn & Willow: Gifts for Superior Sleep This Holiday

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For some, a sleep inducing aromatherapy mixture is enough to entice them to better sleep while others need the softness of comforting textiles. For those and everyone in between, we've got all the basics covered to help you or your loved ones get the best rest this holiday season.

Barn & Willow: Gifts for Superior Sleep This Holiday

It's always a good idea to stay hydrated, even at night.  For this late waking hours when you need water but don't want to get up, keeping a carafe and glass on your bedside table is not only chic but practical. This Tela set from Wrong for Hay has glasses that sit snugly introverted, on top of the carafe opening to keep dust or other things out of your water. 

Barn & Willow: Gifts for Superior Sleep This Holiday

Bedding is one of the key pieces for getting your best sleep ever. Comfort and breathability are both premier as is the look, since your bed makes up a large portion of your bedroom. Linen, like this from the Tekla Linen Collection are cut from 100% linen, woven from fibers extracted from the French-grown flax plant and have a laid back, cozy look to them.

Barn & Willow: Gifts for Superior Sleep This Holiday

Workstead's Signal Sconce is the ideal above bed light with its low profile and glowing ambient light. You'll want to stray from harsh direct light unless you're an avid in-bed reader who needs a lamp with a pivot. 

Keep reading below for 8 more of our favorite sleep-inducing items and ideal gift options for anyone on your list!

Barn & Willow: Gifts for Superior Sleep This Holiday

1. Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask. Charcoal has incredible purifying properties and in an eye mask this helps to soothe the eye area, to ease tension and prepare for sleep.

2. &Tradition's Hoof Table. A bedside table is a must, especially for storing accessories like these and for storing all your other small objects close at hand all night.  

3. Verso Night Cream. Doing your skin a favor while you sleep, even something as small as knowing you are caring for your skin can help bring you a more restful night.

4. Flax Belgian Linen Roman Shade w/ blackout lining. For when you want the best sleep and want to make sure you're left undisturbed, blackout shade are a must!

5. Speckled Wool-Cashmere socks. The cashmere and wool combination is luxury and warmth and even if you don't wear socks in bed, these are perfect for unwinding on a cold evening.

6. Ann Ringstrand's Gather candle. Handmade in small batches made in Gustavsberg, Sweden and perfect for moody lighting. 

7. Icelandic sheepskin. Ideal for the floor under your bedside or even on top of your bed, these are incredibly soft and warm!

8. Vitruvi's Sleep Aromatherapy Oil. Using an applicator like this roller makes it easy to apply and won't add unnecessary time to your nightly routine.

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