The Minimalist Holiday: 5 DIY Decor Tips from A Merry Mishap

Some of my favorite parts of the holidays aren’t just the day of an event or dinner, it’s the days leading up to it. The time spent in preparation, the time spent anticipating and the time spent planning are just as fun as the actual holiday itself. It’s the journey, not just the destination.
To fully embrace the joys involved in the process leading up to the holidays, try making some things yourself. Yes it will take bit more time than running out and buying something pre-made but sitting and making something with your own hands is so much more rewarding than standing in line, or traffic for that matter.

Barn & Willow: The Minimalist Holiday: 5 DIY Decor Tips from AMM

image via The Line

1. Minimal holiday wreath 

Holiday wreaths are nothing new, in fact if you search holidays wreaths on Pinterest or Google, you could easily waste a few hours scrolling through an endless library or pre-made and DIY versions made in everything from yarn to glass and everything in between. Go the easily and what also happens to be the more elegant approach, a very simple wreath that is no more brashness, ribbon and some metal wreath form. In this case branches of olive were tied together but you can use eucalyptus, berries or some other type of green. The possibilities are quite broad but all very simple!

Barn & Willow: The Minimalist Holiday: 5 DIY Decor Tips from AMM

image via Link Deco/Lotta Agaton

2. Traditional tree alternative

Not everyone wants a fun grown evergreen in their house or are restricted by space, even cost (those trees don’t come cheap) so consider a tree-like decoration that takes up much less space but with no less festive power! Use a large vase with plenty of water with a branch sturdy enough to hold your ornaments. Or you can use a small evergreen green, shake off the excess dirt and put the whole little tree in a vase as a table top tree! One more option would be to suspend a brach, it doesn’t even need to be evergreen, by both ends with string. Decorate the branch with glass ornaments or even homemade gingerbread ornaments, if you really want to get into the DIY spirit!

Barn & Willow: The Minimalist Holiday: 5 DIY Decor Tips from AMM

image via IKEA

3. Advent calendar

It might be a little late in the month to make an advent calendar but if you want to whip one up quickly for the remaining December days, try one like this using a hula hoop (or a large embroidery hoop) and paper origami stars. Fill each with a fortune, message or small candy. You can also string it with lights and hang it near an outlet as a beautiful vignette.

Barn & Willow: The Minimalist Holiday: 5 DIY Decor Tips from AMM

image via Junkaholique 

4. A green chandelier

Another use for a hoop is to hang it from the ceiling and decorate it with greenery and attach candle clips. Use wire or thick cord and try a mixture of eucalyptus leaves and evergreen or even berry branches. Find vintage or new candle clips or make a holder for the tapers by wrapping the candle and hoop together with strong wire. You can also add cinnamon sticks or ornaments.

Barn & Willow: The Minimalist Holiday: 5 DIY Decor Tips from AMM

image via Maiju Saw 

5. Fragrant orange garland

This one not only looks beautiful and festive but will also bring a wonderful, warm fragrance to your home. Begin by drying the orange slices in the oven at 250 degrees for 3 hours, turning them at least twice. Then let the slices dry, uncovered for 2-3 days. Once your slices are completely dry, string them along with some cinnamon sticks and even sprigs of rosemary. This would look beautiful over a fireplace, door way or window.

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