How to create a focal point in your room.

Many rooms suffer from one main problem: there's no focus. The decor is a mishmash of furnishings acquired throughout the years and there's no cohesion. An immediate way to change this is to find a focal point to anchor a room's decor and furnishings around.

What's a focal point? Upon entering a room, it's the place where the eyes are immediately drawn toward. Windows are a natural focal point to any space, and we suggest that you build a room around one.

Frame it!

Draw attention to the window - like a frame, curtains flank a window, emphasizing the view and sunlight. For those who have gorgeous window views, we recommend sheers curtains, like in this living room in the home of Holly from Decor8. The delicate nature of these Belgian Sheer Linen curtains in Off White add a light and airy touch that is echoed by the fresh flowers on the table. The sheer fabric provides privacy yet lets in plenty of natural sunshine. 

For rooms that need privacy and need to block out light, an opaque fabric with lining can be perfect. For a noninvasive frame, opt for a light neutral that matches the room, like a Belgian Flax Linen in Oatmeal.

Light and Dark Contrast

Dark and light contrasts are especially powerful around windows. Jamie Derringer, Design Milk founder and executive director, paired dark gray Belgian linen drapes with a white walls and bold accents.  Combined with the naturally bright light streaming through the windows, the result is stunning.

Contrasts are not simply limited to dark and light drapes however.  These luxe Oyster colored Belgian linen drapes add texture and simple refinement to this white room and set the stage for the show-stopping teal rug and vintage wall print.  The effect culminates nicely and sends a funky, modern vibe.

Emphasize it!

When your windows are the focus of the room, opting for minimalist furnishings and designs can greatly enhance its appearance. Placing a bed or a desk against a window is always a great idea - it streamlines the overall appearance of the space. Alternatively, adding the only pop of color, like plants and flowers on a window sill can also be a wonderful way to draw attention to a window.


Make your windows a focal point!