How to decorate your mantel!

Whether or not you use your fireplace, a fireplace mantel is prime real estate to showcase a room's style. With fall in full swing and Christmas around the corner, it's time to dust off the ol' mantle and get decorating.

Make a statement

The easiest way to decorate the mantel is with a large statement piece to anchor the space. This can range from wreaths, mirrors, framed artwork, and more. For a more minimalistic approach, you can leave it at that, or perhaps add a few little accent pieces for an additional touch.

Symmetry or asymmetry?

While more traditional, a symmetrical mantle is fail-proof. Go with a statement piece and decorate around it with vases, photographs, or other small decorative goods, keeping elements the same on both sides.

Keep the main components the same, like the mirror or the vases, but switch up the decor in accordance to the seasons.

Mix and Match!

Pair together elements of different scales for a cool and eclectic take on a mantel. Like how we emphasize the importance of texture when it comes to color, you can do the same with your mantel. Combine sculptural elements with flat artwork and books to create visual interest and a complete look.

And it doesn't have to be clean and simple either! By choosing elements within the same color family, rather than looking cluttered, your mantel can look refined and finished.

Go fresh!

We love a great flower arrangement, and flowers and plants always add a lively spot of color to any room. (We talk more about it here.)

You don't have to go all out like in this is dramatic floral arrangement, but if you're hosting an event at your home, this would be a great addition. Supply a roll of kraft paper and some twine, and each guest can take a bloom home with them.

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