How to Nap Your Best Nap

The ritual of napping happens across many cultures and areas of the world. If you do it right, napping can leave you refreshed and alert until you reconnect with your bed at the end of the day. Do it wrong, and you wake up groggier than you were when you laid down your head. These are the tips we’re following to nap our best naps. 

Follow the 20/90 rule

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you either want to stay in the light stages of sleep or complete the sleep cycle altogether. If you’ve ever woken up super groggy with a sleep hangover, you woke up in the middle of your sleep cycle or REM sleep. 

The National Sleep Foundation totes that a 20 minute nap is the best time for a power nap as you’ll stay in the lightest stages of non-REM (aka light) sleep. Alternatively, napping for 90 minutes allows you to complete the REM cycle and wake up feeling refreshed as well. 

Wear cozy PJs

Day clothes are not made for sleeping! Commit to your nap with some cozy loungewear or your bedtime PJs. Although, if you’re perpetually wearing loungewear like we are while working from home, you’re already set to go. No judgment here!

Turn off your phone

It’s so tempting to turn to your phone and browse social media when you lay down to rest for a bit, but scrolling social media isn’t nearly as beneficial as the power nap you set out to have. Turning off your phone or setting it in a different room removes the temptation and ensures you get the rest you need. 

Create mood lighting

It’s pretty difficult to find darkness mid-day, and it’s near impossible to sleep when the sun is blazing in your face. Create a darker room with blackout window treatments or wear a cute eye mask over your eyes to create the best atmosphere for your nap.

Don’t force it

If a nap just isn’t happening, don’t stress. Just closing your eyes for a few minutes can help jumpstart your afternoon and keep you running. Going for a walk, eating some fruit, or drinking cold water are also some great ways to combat an afternoon slump when naps aren’t possible.

Happy napping!