How to Score a More Soundproof Home

Whether you currently reside in a studio apartment with noisy neighbors or in a spacious home on a traffic-filled street, creating a soundproof space at home can be essential to your quality of life.

So to help you forge a more peaceful—and noise-free—home environment, we rounded up a handful of goof-proof ways you soundproof your place in a pinch. From blackout-lined curtains to upholstered wallpaper, here are five things you can do to better insulate your space.

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1. Blackout Lining

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: If you aren’t already familiar with blackout lining for your window coverings, then now’s the time to listen up. Thicker than our 100-percent cotton privacy lining, our blackout lining is designed to block out both daylight and sound—and can be added to any of our custom-cut curtains or shades for added insulation at home.

2. Upholstered Wallpaper

A little upholstered wallpaper can go a long way in soundproofing your space. Install some thick upholstered wallpaper—composed of materials such as linen, grasscloth, and faux leather—throughout your home to help absorb sound so you can keep your interior nice and noise-free.

3. Seal Your Windows

Never underestimate the noise-reducing power of insulated windows at home. Whether you opt for a proper (and super affordable) window insulating kit to cover your windows or simply seal the cracks around them with weathering tape, you will reduce the amount of exterior sound that enters your home.

4. Mount loose stuff

Ever noticed how your framed art starts rattling when your neighbor starts playing music really loudly? That’s because certain wall-mounted décor items—think floating shelves, speakers, paintings, and so on—produce all sorts of annoying noises when they aren’t properly secured. So do yourself (and your sanity) a favor and make sure all your shaky wall décor gets firmly mounted ASAP.

5. Use big bookcases

When all else fails you can always count on a couple of tall book cases to better insulate a lofty space. Place a bulky, solid wood bookcase or two along an empty living room wall to help absorb any excess sound without cramping up the space too much.





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