View From Here with The Property Lovers

Welcome to August's installment of Barn & Willow's View From Here! We're so excited to introduce PJ and Thomas, the couple behind The Property Lovers on Instagram and arguably two of our most favorite interior designers. Hailing all the way from Cleveland, TN, they're a long way from the Bay Area, but we're metaphorically bringing their home and story to you through our View From Here series. Let's get started!

The Property Lovers styling their Barn & Willow Roman Shade

Tell us a bit about yourselves! When did your love for interiors begin? 

We both grew up loving interior design, even from a young age. Thomas painted every room in his mom's house growing up probably 20 times, and PJ used to re-decorate his room every few months. It's something that has always been there for us, almost like we couldn't help it.

Imagine a guest walks into your home. What’s the first thing you want them to notice? 

We hope they feel comfortable, cozy, and that our house is livable, as soon as they walk through the front door. We never want it to feel staged or like you can't sit anywhere. Everyone is welcome in our home, and we hope it reflects that in its design.
 The Property Lover's Eclectic Living Room

When you walk into a room, what is the first thing either of you notices? 

Thomas: I almost always notice the color on the walls, the style of furniture, and how many lamps they have (haha). I have a lamp addiction and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

PJ: The type of flooring, trim, and woodwork. And of course all of the design elements. 

What has been your favorite space to redecorate? 

Probably our old dining room, which is now a den. We technically have two dining rooms, and we barely even use one, so we turned one of them into a den. We have some fun art on the walls and a fun pop of color with the furniture (which is big for us, because we normally do so many neutrals!), so it's turning into a neat room.

The Property Lover's Eclectic Kitchen

How would you describe the style of your home? 

Traditional more than anything. Besides that, we like to describe it as cozy comfort. We love to use antique pieces whenever we can and every room has at least one vintage piece of furniture in it. Not only is it good for the environment (to shop vintage), it also adds a bit of history to your home.

From what or whom do you find inspiration? 

Honestly, we get most of our inspiration from our favorite movies and TV shows! Production designers really know what they're doing and how to create a "mood" and setting for the look they want, and there's a lot you can learn from paying close attention to detail on your favorite shows and movies. For the best interiors onscreen, check out any movie by Nancy Meyers. Swoon.

What’s one quirky thing that defines your space? 

We try to have something from a place we've traveled in every room. It could be anything- a picture we picked up in Amsterdam, a rock we found at the beach in the Caribbean, or a restaurant menu we got in New Orleans. We love to travel, and we love being reminded of where we've traveled to over the years. 

Barn & Willow Seafoam Washed Belgian Linen Custom Roman Shade

Barn & Willow White Belgian Linen Custom Roman Shades in a bathroom

How do your Barn & Willow drapes/shades fit into your space? 

We've been looking for beautiful, custom roman shades that weren't gonna break the banks, so Barn & Willow is exactly who we've been searching for! We keep going back and forth on whether or not to paint our master bath a dark, deep, moody color or keep it white. Luckily, the Ivory white shades from B&W that we picked will go whichever one we choose. We love al of the different options they offer and had a blast going through all of the different selections. 

If you had an unlimited budget, what would be the first thing you’d add/change to your home? 

We would finish out our basement! It's something we've been wanting to do forever. We have plans to turn it into a home theater one day, because it's dark and has low ceilings, and we have this whole vision for it. Maybe one day?

Ivory Barn & Willow Custom Roman Shades


Say you got hired to design the first home in outer space. What’s the first design idea that comes to mind? 

Something that could make outer space feel warmer and cozier. Sleek and modern and futuristic is what usually comes to mind when you think outer space, but we would like to bring a touch of earth to it to make it feel more like home.

We like to think that everyone has a special view, be it out your front door or through a kitchen window, that they favor. Tell us about your favorite view from here in your home. 

Our favorite view is on the couch in our living room in front of the fire, especially in the fall/winter. With our fur babies and a warm blanket, there's no place we'd rather be.

Get The Property Lovers look with Barn & Willow Ivory Roman Shades and Seafoam Roman Shades

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