How To Style Your Soft Top Drapes

Your window treatments are ripe with design potential, it just takes a little imagination. To prove our point, we gathered a handful of sophisticated ways you can style your Soft Top Drapes at home—no interior designer necessary. From a loose, flowing look to a crossed-over style and more, here are five ideas for styling your Soft Top Drapes like a pro.

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1. Tied back

Arguably the most popular technique for displaying drapery at home, curtain with tiebacks—like these classic steel holdbacks—are an easy and effective way to style your Soft Top Drapes in a pinch. Keep things sleek and simple with a pair of polished nickel ones or jazz things up with some marble accented ones for a touch of drama.

2. Loose and flow-y

Nothing makes a space feel more boho inside than a window framed by sheer, flowing Soft Top Drapes. Let a gauzy, neutral-colored pair hang loose from a curtain rod to score a naturally ethereal—not to mention effortless—look in any room of your home.

3. Accessorized

Searching for an eclectic way to show off your Soft Top Drapes at home with a little more oomph? Tiebacks comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles—think: ones with pompoms, rocks, and sparkly crystals—so you can use some to make a statement with your curtains without interrupting the relaxed vibe of a room.

4. Crossed over

Beloved by bloggers and interior designers alike, the crossed-over curtain look is a hit on Pinterest for a reason. Instead of hanging your Soft Top Drapes side-by-side on the curtain rod, drape one panel over the other to create a cool, cross-over-style display that you can let hang loose for a boho effect, or tie back for a tailored look depending on your taste.

5. Knotted

When all else fails, you can always hand-tie your Soft Top Drapes to score a unique and personalized look for your window treatments. Try tying each of your panels in one loose, low-hanging knot for a laidback contemporary look, or opt for a tight, mid-panel knot to bring some depth and dimension to your windows.


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