Why Parents Love Barn & Willow Window Treatments

Decorating a kid’s room can be tricky for a lot of reasons. Not only are you tasked with finding fun but functional furnishings to decorate with, but you have safety to worry about, too. Fortunately, Barn & Willow window treatments are sleek, practical, and child-friendly. So whether you’re designing your newborn’s nursery or your grade-schooler’s playroom, here are a few reasons why you can trust Barn & Willow drapes and Roman shades in any kid’s space. 

1. They’re nontoxic

Barn & Willow white roman shade in a nursery

At Barn & Willow, we understand that by using nontoxic, sustainable materials for our window treatments, we’re helping both your home and environment become more eco-friendly. Our Belgian Linen drapery and shades are produced without any harsh chemical treatments or dyes and our Organic Cotton fabrics meet the Global Organic Textile Standards—which means they’re created with cotton that is grown naturally, without the use of pesticides and processed in ways that don’t involve harmful chemicals being released into the environment or your home.



2. They’ll improve your kid’s sleep 

Barn & Willow organic cotton drapery in a nursery

Not only are our window treatments free of pesky dyes and toxins, they’ll help shut out unwanted noise and sunlight so your kids can sleep more soundly at night, too. Thanks to our four different lining options, including unlined, privacy, blackout, and combination blackout and privacy, you can customize your shades or drapes to filter out as much noise and natural light as you see fit, ensuring less distractions during the night—and better sleep for everyone.


3. They’re safe 

Roman Shades, child lock, home decor ideas, nursery

Searching for a solid set of Roman shades that you can trust inside a nursery or toddler’s room? All of our Roman shades come with child safety locks to safely anchor the pulls away from tiny, curious hands, so you can rest assured you’ve designed your kid’s room to be every bit as childproof as it is stylish.  


4. They’re built to last

nursery, home decor ideas

Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you the same: Good kids’ room décor should be able to grow up with them. Barn & Willow’s shades and drapes are composed of finely made fabrics including organic-cotton and 100-percent Belgian linen woven at a factory in Meulebeke, Belgium that has been producing the flax-based fabric for over a century—so it’s safe to say they’ll transition from nursery to kid’s room and beyond with ease.  



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