Working From Home With Kids

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance when you work from home is never easy—but throw kids into the mix, and keeping your cool throughout the day can be downright difficult. To help you get through an already trying time, we reached out to a few parents on the Barn & Willow team for tips on how to stay sane while working remotely, and here’s what they had to say.

work from home ideasTrisha Roy

Be resourceful. 

"I have a two-and-a-half-year-old and with all parks and playdates out of the picture, we're trying to squeeze in at least an hour of outdoor time—in the backyard— in the morning and 30 mins in the evening. Backyard activities include family soccer, basketball, scavenger hunts (with hidden number and letter blocks), and nature searches. Indoor activities include crafts, making cards for school friends, and Hungry Caterpillar Yoga for toddlers. Trisha Roy, Founder


Woman in denim jacket and white shirtTracy Massaro

YouTube FTW.

“We really love watching Mystery Doug (a science program) on YouTube, Art for Kids Hub (amazing art lessons) on YouTube, and Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube (for indoor physical education since it’s been raining a lot). With both of us working full-time and three kids 7 and under, we are relying on technology to help. It’s a crazy time and I think parents keeping our sanity versus stressing out and trying to become teachers overnight is important. Trying to keep positive and happy and have some fun with the kids.” Tracy Massaro, Head of Partnerships


work from home ideasLaura Bindloss

Take advantage of livestream opportunities.

“My son is very small (like 15 months) so other than taking him on a walk around the block, almost nothing holds his attention for more than 30 seconds. Luckily, I heard from a group of mom friends that kids’ author Mo Willems is hosting a livestream doodle for free every day at 1pm EST!” Laura Bindloss, Head of PR

Keep everyone busy—and focused.

“My kids love Mystery Doug on YouTube. My son is also taking karate classes online every day. My kids are 7 and 10 years old, so I’m providing a lot of assignments for the 4th grader. Trying to keep everyone on track.”  Sonia Joshi, Operations Manager


Woman in a tan blazer and black v-neck shirt
Cathy Fransisca

Employ plenty of essential oils.

“My baby is 3 months old, so it's more like him keeping me busy than the other way around! However, in order to keep my home clean and safe for the family while working remotely, I’ve been using a Young Living essential oil diffuser to purify the air and boost our immune systems.” Cathy Fransisca, Graphic Designer


Nadir Hussain

Remember who’s boss.

“Since I have a 15-year old daughter, she is telling us what to do, rather than the other way around!” Nadir Hussain, Paid Ad Consultant


Lesley Geivett

Look for the fun in little things.

"Along with Cosmic Kids Yoga, we like squeezing oranges to make orange juice, splashing in puddles, toy story marathons—#1-4; thank you, Disney!—and fort making is coming soon!” Lesley Geivett, Office Manager