Top 5 Questions Our Design Specialists Get

Styling your home is tough work, especially when you feel out of your element. Our design specialists are trained to guide you through all your design questions with the ease of spreadable butter. Here are five of the questions our design specialist team gets the most, answered by our Senior Design Specialist, Tiffany Horne.

1. What color should I do for my room, I don’t know what I like!

Step into your own closet. What color palette do you see? Warm or cool colors? Dark or light? Now you have your answer. Your clothes tell you a lot about your personality, you just have to listen. Pick colors with your wardrobe in mind.

2. How do I know what type of window coverings to put on my windows?

If you have furniture under the window, Roman Shades or Roller Shades are a perfect option because they don't go further than the bottom of the window. Is your window large and along on a large window? This is where I would suggest drapery panels to frame the window and bring the outdoors into your room. 

3. I want to order Belgian Flax Linen Panels in Optic White, but I have kids/pets, and I am afraid that they will get dirty since I want to place them on our slider door that gets a lot of use. 

Belgian Linen is notoriously easy to keep clean, but, since your drapery would be in an area with even higher traffic than usual, I would order a drapery rod wand which would help keep everyday fingerprints off your panels.

4. I'm not sure what part of my window I should measure from for my shades/drapes. What should I do? 

Send us a picture and we'll mark where to measure from! We'll also hop on a video call with you while you measure so you feel confident that you have the perfect measurements for your window treatments. 

5. What if the only place in a bedroom to place the bed is in front of the windows? What do I do about my window coverings?

You could do two different options...

Option one: By adding drapery panels to the window, you would accentuate and frame your window and bed with the drapery drawn open, and gain a chic soft backdrop for your bed when they're closed.

Option two: An especially good option if you don't have a tall headboard or headboard at all, a Roman Shade or Roller Shade would create interest and balance for your bed below.