Meet Kendra Nash: Designer & Girl Boss

Have you ever wondered what the path to becoming a designer looks like? We asked our friend Kendra Nash, founder of Nash Design Group, to shed a little bit of light on the mysteries of designers: the journey to becoming one and some of the obstacles a designer might face.

We absolutely love how this girl boss proves that it's never too late to find your passion and turn it into something big. And for those looking for their perfect home designer, Kendra has some words for you that might make it a bit easier when picking one out. Check out her thoughts below!

Kendra Nash of Nash Design Group

Farmhouse chic home designed by Nash Design GroupModern Farmhouse Nash Design Group

How did you get into interior design and how did you know it was your calling?

Well, if you ask my mother, she will tell you that she knew I was going to be a designer since I was about 8 years old. However, it took a few twists and turns to get there. First, I come from a real estate background, as most of my family is involved in the industry, so I have been touring homes since I can remember. With a few moves to LA for college and fun, to Tahoe for snowboarding and more fun, I ended up back home on the Peninsula in the Bay Area working for my real estate agent sister.

I was getting houses prepped for the market, which included paint, new light fixtures, landscaping, etc. I eventually started staging these homes and it just kept spiraling... clients asked if I would help them build their homes, get them new furniture, etc. I decided it was time to get a degree in Architectural Interior Design. Hence, Nash Design Group was formed.

I now have the most exciting, detailed oriented, dynamic, and most of all, fun job!  I get to make dream homes for our clients.  Plus, we still have our staging company, PARC Staging which is a great introduction of what we can do for a client once they move into their dream home.  I get to work with amazing vendors, designers, architect, contractor, artisans... it is a collaborative effort and that is probably the best part about my industry.
A colorful modern nook designed by Kendra of Nash Design Group

Colorful Modern Home by Nash Design Group

What is your favorite room in a home and why? 

It is a toss-up between a Powder Room and Dining Room. They both act as jewel boxes-- I feel like, in these spaces, the client is most likely to really go for it. They're most likely to use color, wallpaper, shine, mixed metals, different paint sheens, pattern, funky elements... perhaps they see it as less of a commitment. But I always encourage to push the boundaries and these are the spaces the client is most likely to follow my crazy ideas. 

If you had free reign to design said room from head to toe, what would it look like?

Let's go with a Powder Room - lots of floor tiles with mixed metals by Mosaique Surface, a textured wallpaper from Crezana, sconces with shine from Allied Maker, a wainscoting detail to act as a buffer for the wallpaper (thinking function - always!), a wall-mounted Heath Samuel fixture, and a high gloss paint from Farrow & Ball to add some drama!

What is the most difficult obstacle you face as a designer, and how do you overcome it?

Unrealistic timelines - great design takes time. The point of working with a designer is to be exposed to interesting ideas and unusual items that other people do not have. You want your place to feel different and special and that takes time. We like to work with artisans to create custom pieces that can act as a conversation piece and a piece that the client falls in love with and covet forever.  

Modern Organic home decor by Nash Design GroupModern Organic decor by Nash Design Group

What advice can you give those looking for the perfect designer for your home?

I think it is really important for the client and the designer to be on the same page when it comes to communication, budget, timelines, and overall expectations.  Those pieces should be communicated up front so that way, there is not room for disappointment during the project. Plus it is very personal to work with someone on their home - you spend a lot of time together.

My goal is to always give the client what they imagined their space to be, but make it a million times better than that. I always say this isn't about me... it's about the client - their lifestyle, budget, goals, etc. I always know I do a really good job if I don't hear from them after the project is completed (unless they want to hang out and grab a glass of wine...).

A huge thank you to Kendra for letting us pick her brain and for giving us a little bit of insight into the life of a designer! Don't forget to stop by her website to see some of the cool projects she's worked done!