How to Use 2019's Color of the Year in Your Home

It’s official—the color of the year is 16-1546 Living Coral. Every year, Pantone, a company that focuses on color intelligence, announces what the color of the year will be. This color not only represents predicted design trends for the upcoming year, but also the spirit and mood for the months to come.

This year, we've been graced with a bright, lively and passionate tone that everybody should have in their lives. It’s looking to bring optimism, and we all know after this past year that we could use some of that! To get you inspired, we have compiled some creative ways to include Living Coral in your home to immediately brighten your day.

Barn and Willow shale roman shades with living coral color of the year paint


Looking for an excuse to repaint (aren’t we always)? Living Coral is your new reason. Embrace the motto “new year, new me” by introducing a pop of color into your home. If you don’t want to make too big of a change, you can paint an accent wall, which is simply only painting one wall as to add that pop. We love to pair the color with a light and a dark to balance the vibrancy of it. Here it is perfectly complimenting our Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade in Shale.

Barn & Willow color of the year throw pillow paired with drapery


If you’re not looking for a paint job but still want to reap the benefits of Living Coral’s vibrant energy, then try including some accent pieces, especially textiles. Try adding in some throw pillows as seen below. You can also give throw blankets, bathroom towels, area rugs, or small chairs and couches. The color pairs together really well here with our Belgian Textured Linen Drapery in Flax, as it gives modernity to the classic, calm theme that is present.

Barn & Willow color of the year textile feature on wall


Another way to add that accent piece is to include it an artwork. While it may be difficult to find grandeur pieces that are the correct shades, you can still take part in this tip by designing or painting it yourself, or, for the less creatively inclined, simply framing a color swatch. We love how the Coral plays off the gold here to bring out the royal essence it possesses. Placed next to our Belgian Flax Linen Drapery in Natural, this piece stands out without being too overwhelming.

No matter the way you use it, we know this color is really going to brighten up your home and bring the positivity that we need for 2019. We want to know if you find any other creative ways to utilize Living Coral! Tag us @barnandwillow on social media and we may feature your photo!

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