Mixing textures and patterns with your home decor!

Even though we specialize in neutrals, we do love color!

A great way to spice up and add character to your home is with patterns and textures. But pattern mixing itself can be a little complicated, especially when too much can be garish, and too simple can lack individuality.

Here's our tips for how to add pattern and texture to your home.

1. Have a simple foundation

When pattern mixing, it's best to begin with a plain canvas. Neutral anchor pieces, like sofas or rugs, are always a good bet, and allow more opportunity to incorporate different colors and patterns into your space.

Notice how in the photo above, the sofa, rug, and coffee table are all fairly simplistic. With investment pieces, because these aren't items that you change out often, going with neutrals allows for more versatility when decorating.

Going with patterned accessories, like the easily changable throw pillows and artwork on the walls showcase the room's character and individuality.

2. Stick in the same color family

We recommend a maximum of three accent colors. Choose colors that are complementary, like blue and orange, or in different shades of the same color. With a black or white base, bold, bright shades work particularly well. If you're feeling particularly daring, multicolored florals can also be quite striking.

In the above photo, see how the slate blue is paired with the bright coral? Matching darks and lights is also a great way to introduce new colors.

3. It's all about scale!

Polka dots, chevron, stripes, and checks are just a few among the infinite varieties of patterns that you can choose from. You can go with the same pattern in different sizes, or, like in the example above, opt for large, small, and medium sized patterns in similar colors. 

Be wary of going overboard. In general, an odd number of patterns or colors is the key to getting a good variation without seeming matchy-matchy. Adding different fabrics, like faux furs or natural linens can balance out patterns.

4. Touch & feel

In a neutral room, textures can make a world of difference. Textures range from natural wood, furs, fabrics, metals, and more. We're particularly fond of texture and pattern mixing with pillows and curtains. Textiles, furs, and wood give a room more warmth, while metals give a room a pop of brightness.

In the image above, Simply Grove paired linen and cotton pillows on a leather couch. These are three very different textures. Though the colors are in varying neutrals, the print and the variance in feeling adds visual interest to an otherwise simplistic canvas.


Do you have any tips for pattern + texture mixing beginners? Let us know in the comments! Also, follow on our Pinterest board for more tips!

Add texture to your room!