10 no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas for 2016!

It feels like September just started, but with pumpkin spice lattes and apple harvest scents filling the air, we're already well immersed in the fall spirit. (And believe it or not, we've already been invited to a Halloween party for next week! In September!)

And of course, in our next installment of our fall home decor series, we're going to be talking all about pumpkins. While we admire the skill and precision that pumpkin carving takes, the mess involved, as well as the lack of longevity of the carved gourds, make us want to explore other decorating options.

Here's a few of our favorite no carve pumpkin ideas for this year!

These balloon dipped pumpkins by Paper n Stitch are insanely easy to make. No paint required!

All you need are white (craft) pumpkins and some gold tape to make this classy confetti pumpkin by Homey Oh My!

With pretty craft paper or fabric and a bit of Mod Podge, you too can get these amazing decorative pumpkins! While this one is coastal, you can go with any paper or fabric choice that matches your home.

You don't need to cover the whole pumpkin either. Why not give this a modern look with this geometric decoupage DIY?

These owl Sharpie pumpkins require a bit of dexterity, but they're oh so cute! We're fans of the white on black one, personally.

It's time to pull out the paint! Make a family of ghost pumpkins to grace your porch this Halloween. Give them all different expressions! We're personally fans of the 😮 emoji! (It's :o , for those who can't see it.)

These melting wax pumpkins look difficult to make, but all you need are crayons and a hairdryer! Try different color combinations depending on what style you're going for.

Polka dots and sequins! These cheery pumpkins require just a bit of glue and gold sequins to make, and add a flash of bling to your home this fall.

With succulents the houseplant of choice, take a few cuttings and transplant them into a makeshift pumpkin planter!

Not into DIYs or just not feeling artistic? Don't worry, we've got a the perfect idea for you! Display a selection of mini pumpkins in a large glass jar for a lovely tablescape.


Are you going to decorate pumpkins this fall? Let us know your inspiration in the comments!