Oh, the places they'll go!

Curtains do so much more than control the amount of light that comes in. They are a key component in making a room feel complete. They have the ability to convey a particular mood or impression and have so much more to offer beyond the window. 
            Barn and Willow - Curtains to make a room look larger
        Make your space look larger  
   Source: Interior Insider 
            Barn and Willow - Curtains serve as walls and doors
Serve as walls and doors in a small space
          Source: Stadshem   
            Barn & Willow - Curtains create a cozy bedroom nook   
      Create a cozy nook   
      Source: Decor 8 
             Barn and Willow - Hide a Multitude of Sins
       Hide a Multitude of Sins
         Source: SF Girl by Bay   
                     Barn & Willow - Curtains are a quick and easy design focal point
        Create quick & easy design focal points 
      Source: Lh3


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