Sun's Out, Sleep In.... How Curtains Can Help Improve Your Sleep

One of the most important jobs of your window coverings is to block out Mr. Golden Sun when he rises at the crack of dawn. Did you know that darkness releases melatonin? That’s what tells our brains it’s time to go to sleep. If there’s light pouring into your bedroom when you’re trying to get your Zzz’s, it can be quite irritating. This is especially an issue in the summer, when the sun sets later and rises earlier. Cue the curtains!

To best achieve a summer slumber haven, install blackout or interlined curtains or shades on your bedroom windows. Not only will they block that pesky light from sneaking in, they will also minimize outside noise.

Now forget going to sleep early for work. Getting a good night of rest with no hassle or distractions can give you plenty of benefits beyond the office. Refreshing sleep can lead to getting rid of those pesky bags under your eyes and can even make your skin glow.

Oh, and did we mention getting more sleep can actually make you live longer? We rest (pun intended) our case.


Barn & Willow Soft Top custom drapes Sand

Catch up on sleep and keep interiors cool with blackout or interlined drapes. 
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 Barn & Willow custom drapes in Oatmeal

Consider curtains around the bed to achieve maximum disposal of light.

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Bright light, bright whites. 
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 Barn & Willow custom drapes

Here’s another tip: minimize your use of artificial light before bed as well for your best night’s sleep.

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Inspired by this look? 
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Barn & Willow Dark Gray drapes

Layering sheer and blackout curtains or shades can give you dual usage -- curtains for day and night.

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