View From Here With Ashley Pashy

Welcome back to View From Here, Barn & Willow's blog series on our customers' homes and favorite views! This installment of the series introduces Ashley Pashy - a hair stylist by day and interior decorator by night. 

Arguably the queen of minimalist decor, Ashley knows how to style a home for every season with minimal pops of color and just a few accent pieces. Did we mention Ashley and her husband have renovated almost all of their house on their own? Read on for more of Ashley and her sweet home!

Ashley Pashy of @thecornellranch with Barn & Willow Ash Roman shades
Get Ashley's bedroom look with Ash Roman Shades!

Tell us about yourself. When did your love for interiors begin?

Hmm about me, my name is Ashley and my full-time job is a hair colorist which I love! Creative outlets have always been my thing. When my Fiancé and I bought our home over three years ago now is when I really started to realize how much I love interior design! But prior to that, I was always into making over my room. I'd be the kid that asked for a new comforter and an area rug for Christmas! Lol

Tell us the story of your New York home, or the story you’d like it to tell someday.

Our house is small, but our home is big! Lots of memories this far have happened here and we plan to continue to make more! We have so far did 90% of the renovations ourselves which is a story in its own, I love it here, I am a true homebody so the second we saw this house I felt it was home.

Ashley Pashy of @thecornellranch with Barn & Willow Ash Roman Shades

Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the nicest word there is”.  We tend to agree. Describe your home in three words.

Ahh, three words! Let's see. “Home is here"

When it comes to styling your home, where do you stand? In other words, what’s most important to you.

As far as styling goes, I say love your home and it will love you back. Create fun and exciting spaces that reflect you and truly make you feel the happiest. No matter the budget small or big, you can make your home yours by always being you. So its important to me to always do that. Each space is and was super thought out keeping our happiness in check first.

How would you describe the style of your home?

Our home is a mix of old and new. No exact title, just us.

Medium wooden kitchen door with a holiday wreath

And do you draw inspiration from your work when it comes to decor?  

I am inspired by so many people and things StudioMcgee is a huge place for inspiration for me personally.

What’s one quirky or unique thing that defines your space?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a home with tons of Character (hello 1970’s) so we are basically trying to put back in some and add in our own.

What room or space do you spend the most time in and why?

Our kitchen, its the heart of our home.

A minimalist white interior kitchen with open shelves.

How do you see yourself growing in this space?

I see us growing in this space, and hopefully one day little ones growing up in here as well.

We like to think that everyone has a special view, be it out your front door or through a kitchen window, that they favor.  Tell us about your favorite view from here in your home.

My favorite space or view is where our table and shelves are in our kitchen. The shiplap wall behind the table and the open shelves just makes me so happy and reminds me of all the hard work it took to create that pretty space.

Ashley Pashy's kitchen with open shelves and minimalist decor

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