View From Here With Caitlin Flemming

This weeks installment of our View From Here series follows Caitlin Flemming, a designer and stylist in San Francisco. We got to know the inner workings of her home, the styling decisions behind it and the tidbits that make it special.

Caitlin is also the founder of Sacramento Street, a style and interior design blog filled with inspiration from her travels and daily life. From author to stylist to world traveler, Caitlin is living her best life, and we're here for it. Get to know Caitlin and her beautiful home!

Sacramento Street kids room with Barn & Willow Roman Shades

Tell us about yourself. When did your love for interiors begin?

I probably fell in love with interiors when I was a young girl in Mexico City. We would visit people’s homes and I was always fascinated by what I saw. I was always that kid who noticed things people did that was unique or beautiful. My parents had many friends who were artists and the homes we were in were just out of this world.

Tell us the story about your San Francisco home…or the story you’d like it to tell someday.

My San Francisco home is my sanctuary. It’s where my husband and I are raising our children here and it’s where we retreat when we return from our busy lives. I have designed it in the colors that look best in this city - neutrals and shades of blue. With all of the color in our lives, I prefer the retreat of neutral when I return home. It’s also where I’ve put together all the things I’ve collected from my trips around the world over the years.

Barn & Willow Roman Shades in Ash Organic Cotton

Laura Ingalls Wilder once said, “Home is the nicest word there is”.  We tend to agree. Describe your home in three words.

Calm, lived-in, and minimal.

When it comes to styling your home, what’s most important to you?

With two young children, creating a home that is not too precious and can be enjoyed by everyone is probably most important. I don’t want to have anything off limits in the house. That being said, I like to keep clutter to an absolute minimum. This is my one area that I have to always be working on.

Barn & Willow Ash Roman Shade in Sacramento Street kids room

What's one quirky or weird thing that sort of defines your space (if there is one)?

We live in an apartment built in 1900. There are so many rooms and even more doors. For example, my daughter’s room is essentially the walk-through for my son’s room. It would be much better with fewer doors but we still love it!

Since the holidays and festivities are just around the corner, and we're sure your fans would love to know, what’s your idea of holiday fun? Any holiday decor tips or hacks you want to share?

Keep it simple. I love to bring the outdoors into my home during the holidays. I especially love large vases filled with fragrant greenery. It’s inexpensive and has such a great impact on your home. Plus it smells great.

Sacramento Street kids room

The one thing that most of us enjoy during the holidays is movies - Santa movies, family dramas, romcom... the list goes on. Any movie pick you can share to add to our readers’ holiday movie list?

"Love Actually" is a family favorite as well as "The Holiday".

We like to think there’s that one view for a person (in their home) that is a truly sacred place, be it out the front doorway or through a kitchen window. Tell us about your favorite view from here in your home.

My favorite view is outside my dining room window where I see the steeples of St. Ignatius at the University of San Francisco. It is often through the fog and it just calms me when I see it.

Barn & Willow Roman Shade in Ash

A big thank you to Caitlin for taking us on this journey through her home. Stay tuned for the next installment of our View From Here series!

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