Why You Should Try Sample Panels

How is anyone supposed to make an investment decision for their home based on a 5”x5” swatch of fabric?

At Barn & Willow, we’ve wondered the same - how can one determine the best color for their space based on swatches alone?

Allow us to explain.

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Your main questions when approaching window treatments are:

Aesthetic - what makes you happy?
Light - how much sunlight does this window receive?
Privacy - who can see in through this window?
Use - what makes the most sense?

We’ve built a sample program centered around helping you answer these questions - let us know what fabrics you like best by selecting up to three from our current collections, and we’ll ship you a miniature version of a finished drape (25”W x 50”L).

You'll be able to hang these against different windows in the home, compare them in different lighting variables, and see how they interact as a background to your day to day life.

They come with a privacy lining already sewn in - you can easily determine if you need more light control (blackout lining) or less (unlined or sheers).

The best part? Our sample panels are completely risk-free.

We ask for a deposit of $15 per sample panel you order which you'll be given back when the panels are returned. We pay shipping, and you can keep them in your home for seven days (more if you need - just let us know!) to see how the fabric fits in with your current decor & lighting.

Once you’re sure about a color or fabric, simply ship the drapes back in their packaging with the prepaid shipping label, and check out our Measurement Finder to help out with the dimension.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help with any questions you may have.