Why Belgian Linen is Better Than The Rest

With all the drapery and shade fabric options on the market, sorting the stellar from the so-so can be tricky. To help you better understand what makes Barn & Willow’s Belgian Linen Drapery and Roman Shades better than other linen window treatments, we rounded a handful of reasons why authentic Belgian linen reigns supreme.

Belgian linen drapes and shades

Image by @burtsbrisplease via @barnandwillow

1. It’s made from the best fibers.

All linens are composed of flax plant fibers, but believe it or not, where the plants are grown makes a big difference. The western European climate in Belgium is ideal for growing soft, durable flax plants, which is why the region is known for its linen production.

Although it’s sometimes mistakenly used to refer to any linen grown in Europe, the term “Belgian linen” refers exclusively to linen made from flax that is grown in Belgium, and is woven to completion in Belgium as well. The term “Belgian flax linen” refers to linen made from Belgium-grown flax that’s subsequently imported and woven to completion somewhere else.

2. It comes from better places.

Barn & Willow combed the country to find and work with the best factory in Belgium. Established around 1858, the Belgian Linen Factory is located in Meulebeke, Belgium, a small village between Bruges and the French border.

From plant to fabric, the Meulebeke factory has been producing linen for 150 years. Known for their superior craftsmanship and an impeccable finish, they have also developed new productions methods that fully respect the environment and maintain a perfectly-balanced working environment where each employee is a key part of their factory.  Today, the Belgium Linen Factory accounts for more than 66% of the total Belgian Linen production.

3. It’s better quality.

100-percent Belgian linen is the crème de la crème of linens for a reason. Constructed from flax fibers that are grown to be extra soft and supple, Belgian linen drapes and shades are also much more durable than other linen window treatments—so they’re designed to long outlive the competition.

Not sure if the drapes or shades you’re eyeing are made from true Belgian linen? Double check for a seal from the Masters of Linen Club—Barn & Willow has one—a European Association that ensures craftsmanship and quality.

4. It’s more environmentally friendly.

Barn & Willow understands that by using nontoxic, sustainable materials for their window treatments, they’re helping keep both your home and the environment safe. That’s why their Belgian Linen Drapery and Roman Shades are produced without any harsh chemical treatments or dyes and are certified by the Masters of Linen Club as eco-friendly.

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