5 Myths and Facts About Window Treatments You Need To Know

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We know, window treatments can be such a mystery. And with the abundance of information on the internet, there’s no shortage of facts floating around about what you can and can’t do with window treatments.

Today, we’ll be shedding some light (get it?) on five myths and truths you might stumble across when searching the internet. See if you can guess which ones are true and which ones are false!

1. They’re hard to clean.

FALSE. By lightly dusting your window treatments every few weeks, you’re good to go! If you’re looking at Belgian Linen for your window treatments, even better. Belgian Linen has many amazing qualities, with one being that it repels dirt and dust quite well. Check out our window treatment care cheat sheet for more cleaning tips!

2. Window treatments will lower my electricity bill. 

TRUE. According to energy.gov, around 30% of the heat you pump into your home during the winter is lost through your windows, but about 25% can be saved by styling your windows with drapery.

You can get the same effect with our Roman Shades lined with blackout lining or our Interlining. Window treatments insulate the room well in hot summer days keeping the need for air conditioning minimal. Remember, the more layers the better!

3. I can’t have window treatments if I want a minimalist look. 

FALSE. You absolutely can have window treatments if you want a minimalist look. Our newest member of the family is the ever-popular Roller Shade which boasts a beautiful minimalist feel. 

With a slim profile and a not-even-there look when rolled all the way up, you’ll get all the function of window shades with minimal bulk. Additionally, nicely styled drapery in any white linen color are actually designers’ favorite picks when designing a minimalist space!


4. I can install Barn & Willow drapes and shades myself. 

TRUE. Our shades are shipped with all the hardware you need for installation and use, and all our shades are shipped with the rings you need to hang them. We also offer a beautiful collection of drapery rods and finials for one-stop shoppers.

5. Custom window treatments are too difficult to order.

FALSE. Barn & Willow offers a highly curated selection of colors, fabrics, and styles so that you won’t get overwhelmed with a million different options. By offering such a select curation, you can make sure that no matter what you choose, your windows will look fabulous and functional. 

With a simple, streamlined customization process, our website will take you through 5 easy steps to create your dream custom drapes and shades. And if you ever need help, you can make a complimentary virtual appointment with a Barn & Willow Design Specialist to help you with all your questions. 


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