5 Reasons Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes Are Always A Good Idea

Sheer drapes have long been a go-to window treatment choice for interior designers for a good reason. Not only are sheer drapes a stylish way to open up a room, their lightweight composition ensures they’ll complement a variety of aesthetic styles.


Love the look of sheer drapes but not sure if they’re the right window treatments for you? Read ahead for five reasons Barn & Willow’s Belgian Sheer Linen Drapery is a smart, and fail-safe window treatment choice in any room.


sheer drape curtain ideas

Photo by @housesevendesign via @barnandwillow


1. They maximize (and soften) natural light.


Gauzy and ethereal, Belgian sheer linen drapes are a chic way to brighten up a cramped space in no time. Thanks to their transparent material, sheer drapes maximize the amount of natural light a space receives while simultaneously making it softer. This way, you can use window treatments to create the illusion of a larger, brighter space no matter how little the square footage.


2. They minimize visual clutter.


Since Barn & Willow’s Belgian sheer linen drapes are constructed of a thin, lightweight material, they won’t add any bulk or clutter to the  room. Consider employing a breezy pair of Oatmeal Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes to softly frame a bare window, so you can create  a tailored look that doesn’t overpower any other decorative elements or furniture pieces in the room.


3. They provide texture and movement.


A little Belgian sheer linen can go a long way in bringing depth and dimension to a room. Along with softening the natural light in a space, their airy composition adds an element of texture and movement to a room—especially when the windows are open and you let a gentle breeze blow through. This means you can instantly elevate the ambience of an entire room by opting for flowy sheer linen drapes.


4. They’re great for layering.


Looking for a goof-proof way to create an eye-catching window display? Simply layer Off-White Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes with opaque curtains or roman shades to create a luxe and sophisticated window scene in seconds. Not only will this transform a naked window into a stylish living room or bedroom vignette, layered window treatments help insulate your windows and block out unwanted light and noise. 


5. They work with any aesthetic style.


If you thought sheer drapes were reserved for boho-inspired spaces then you’d be mistaken. Lightweight and neutral, Barn & Willow’s Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes are versatile enough to complement a range of interior styles. Minimalists will appreciate their simple composition and movement, while maximalist-minded decorators can rely on them to provide visual relief from any bold colors and busy patterns in a room.

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