5 Ways To Make Small Windows Seem Larger

Windows come in all shapes and sizes and for many of us, having small windows can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create the illusion of bigger windows, and to maximize the amount of natural light your small windows provide. From drapery rod tricks to sheer window treatments and more, here’s how to fake the look of larger windows without hiring a contractor.


small window ideas

Photo by @oursouthwestnest via @barnandwillow


1. Hang drapes and shades at least a foot above the window.

If you aren’t hanging your drapes and shades as close to the ceiling as possible, then you’re doing your small windows a disservice. Along with visually expanding the area around your windows, mounting your drapery rods or roman shades at least a foot higher than the top of a window can create both vertical interest in a small room and the appearance of taller windows.


2. Stick with window treatments made of lightweight fabrics.

Believe it or not, certain window treatment materials can make your windows seem a lot bigger than they actually are. Even when they aren’t fully open, drapes composed of lightweight fabrics, such as Belgian Sheer Linen or gauzy Organic Cotton can allow more natural light to stream in a room because they’re less dense and bulky. Additionally, window treatments with vertical patterns, like the Polygon Charcoal Blackout Roller Shades, can visually expand the length of your windows, while horizontal prints can make them appear wider.


3. Consider a light color palette.

When outfitting a room with small windows, it pays to stick to a light color palette. Whether it’s neutral-hued window treatments, like the Off White Belgian Flax Linen Drapery or Ivory Organic Cotton Roman Shades or cream painted walls, light colors help reflect light around a room and create the illusion of larger windows, while dark tones absorb natural light and can further cramp up a small area.


4. Keep the space monochrome.

In addition to decorating with light colors, painting the walls of a room the same color as the drapes or shades in the space can also make small windows appear larger. Not only will a monochrome color palette create cohesiveness in a room, it won’t draw attention to a small window frame in the way that contrasting window treatments would.


5. Hang a mirror across the wall from a small window.

When all else fails you can always count on a well-placed wall mirror to magically enhance a room that lacks large windows. By mounting a big mirror directly across from a small window, you can create the illusion of another window, while simultaneously bouncing natural light around a room.



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