How to Style Earth-Toned Spaces with the Right Barn & Willow Fabric

Earth-toned interiors are popular for a reason. Warm, versatile, and welcoming, an earth-toned palette is a goof-proof way to make a room feel chic and comfortable at the same time. Looking for ways to style an earth-toned space at home? Read ahead for three different earthy color palettes and the best Barn & Willow drape and shade fabric to use inside them.

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1. Creamy Neutrals

Dress up a room with a creamy neutral color palette by employing plenty of natural décor items, including crisp cotton textiles. Barn & Willow’s Organic Cotton Drapery and Roman Shades in Ivory are composed of certified organic cotton that brings a touch of texture to a laidback neutral window scene.

Prefer your neutral-hued window treatments with a bit of pizazz? Barn & Willow’s Pearl Velvet Drapery and Roman Shades provide a pop of luxe personality that instantly elevates the ambience of an earth-toned space.

2. Earthy Browns and Tans

If you’re a fan of muddy brown tones and burnt tan hues, then we have the drape and shade fabric for you. Barn & Willow’s Natural Belgian Flax Linen Drapery and Roman Shades are made of eco-friendly 100% Belgian Flax Linen that will soften a deep earth-toned bedroom scheme.

Searching for a chic way to usher some boho-style charm into an earthy brown space? Barn & Willow’s Off White Belgian Sheer Linen Drapes are composed of flowy Belgian linen that brings airy bohemian vibes into an earth-toned room.

3. Cool Grays and Blues

A cool gray or blue earth-toned space allows interesting fabrics and textiles to shine. Try Barn & Willow’s Silver Wool-Linen Blend Drapes or Roman Shades to subdue bolder blues without deviating from the cool toned palette.

In the market for chic window treatments that will complement gradient shades of gray and blue earth tones? Barn & Willow’s Mist Gray Belgian Flax Linen Drapes and Roman Shades are soft and light enough to work with any shade of blue or gray.

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