Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Window Treatments

Choosing the perfect window treatment can be difficult, especially if it’s your first time going through the process. The choice between shades and drapes, the color selection, the style - all of these can completely alter the mood of a room.

With so many decisions and choices to make, it can get pretty overwhelming at times. Barn & Willow is built on the premise of making this process simpler and easier, but we're always looking for ways to go above and beyond. Here's our guide to help walk you through the process of choosing your perfect window treatments.

Shades in farmhouse style home

1. Drapes or shades?

When you are deciding between drapes and shades, there are two things to consider: function and aesthetics. Your decision between drapes and shades lie in how you want to use them and the look you’re going for. 

The benefit to shades, as opposed to drapes, is they’re often used to filter or soften light rather than completely block it out. If you want your window covering to prevent harsh light from entering but you still want to the space to be illuminated, shades are a good choice. Shades create a sleek feel to a stylish space and are easy to clean.

For a simple yet sophisticated room such as an office, go with the Flat style. For a classic, elegant room, such as the living room, your best bet is Cascade. For a more traditional, formal room, such as the master bedroom, go for Pleated. For a casual and carefree look, such as the kids playroom, try out Relaxed.

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Light shades in grand dining room home

Drapes, on the other hand, can add elegance and grandness, but they can also be a simple and casual addition to a small room.

The beautiful thing about drapes is that not only do they block the harsh light, but they determine the room’s aura. They can be made fab and formal, or cool and casual. They can bring out the accents in the room, or they can blend in with the background until you want to use them. If you’ve decided you want drapes in your home, you’ll get the added benefit of optionally adding multiple pleats.

A classic soft top is always acceptable, but those who want more drama can pick 2, 3, or euro pleated styles. For sleek, modern, and functional, Soft Top is your best option. For classic yet stylish, check out the 2 Pinch Pleat. For sophistication and elegance, the 3 Pinch Pleat make a great choice. For a traditional style with a modern touch, try out the Euro Pleat.

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2. Order swatches

Now that you’ve chosen which treatment you want, it’s time to order swatches. Our swatch program allows you to select up to five swatches for free, all without having to enter payment information. With 33 colors to choose from, there’s a color for every home!

When narrowing down your choices, consider overall home colors, lighting, and wall colors when deciding on a color. Darker rooms can easily be brightened up with lighter drapes and shades, while with a lot of natural sunlight can benefit from the darker colors that will give the area a bold contrast.

Need help deciding on a color? Check in with our in-house designer at with your questions. 

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Living room light white drapery blue couch

3. Get the perfect measurements

Now that you’ve chosen swatches, head to our Measurement Finder so that you know the perfect measurements to order your window treatments in. With simple graphics and easy to follow steps, our Measurement Finder will direct you through all the steps you need to find your magic numbers, including choosing between inside mount, outside mount, piled drapes, and more.

4. Receive your new window treatments!

Now that you've looked at swatches, found your measurements with our measurement finder, and ordered your new window treatments, you just have to receive them and install them on your window!

We know waiting isn't fun when you order something exciting online. Barn & Willow guarantees 10-day delivery because long wait times are so last century. Be sure to show off your new style and tag us @barnandwillow—we love featuring our window treatments in real homes!

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