4 Spring Fashion And Home Decor Trends


By now the world's fashion weeks are starting to wind down. Australia is finishing theirs up this week and we won't have another major fashion week until the fall. As the years go on we've noticed that fashion and decor trends are slowly merging together. What happens on the Mercedes-Benz runway is trickling down to rug and pillow patterns. The designs on the upcoming skirt are also reflected in lampshades and candle jars. The fashion industry really does influence more than just clothes. You may not realize how fashion is the mothership of most creative markets. If you ever watched The Devil Wear Prada you probably remember that scene where this concept is explained perfectly by a cerulean sweater. 

*Sorry for the poor quality, this is the best clip we could find*

Not sure you believe us? Take a peek in your closet. Women love to "dress" their home in the same way they dress themselves. If you've got a bunch of bright colors or patterns in your closet, we bet you are someone who loves a bold, vibrant house. Wear mainly chic neutrals? Then your house probably looks similar. This idea of reflecting your home style with your personal style is one major reason why fashion trends influence home decor trends. 

So what are some big runway to home decor trends you'll be seeing this spring? We rounded up the top 4 trends to watch for. 


Lilly Pulitzer just released a collection with Target. Her style is all about bright floral patterns which we've already seen on pillow cases, ours included!

lilly pulitzer floral patterns are like this barn and willow pillow casebarn and willow floral pattern pillow case


Kate Spade started using pineapples in her designs and all of a sudden pineapples are everywhere! From shirts to shoes to bags to jewelry, the pineapple has conquered the fashion world. Now it's moving into home decor in the form of all art, pillow cases, blankets, coffee cups, clocks, towels and candles. 

Kate Spade pineapple started the trendpineapple trend is now in home decor. Barn and willow



Last fall was when bold geometric prints ruled the runways. They have since trickled down to owning the home decor industry. It's obvious that things like rugs, pillows, blankets and towels have been heavily influenced, but we've also noticed the small decor pieces like wall art, plates, and planters picking up this geometric trend. 

geometric pattern trend in home decor


Neon colors are making a comeback. Last year Christian Dior showcased neon colors on the runway and since the trend has trickled down. It's becoming popular to paint an accent wall a bright color, loud rugs are showing up in homes and suddenly all these solid, bold accent pieces are in stores. Side note: You can read our tips on adding bright orange to your home here

neon home decor barn and willow