5 Ways To Instantly Brighten A Room



Raise your hand if you like living in a bat cave. Anyone? No one? Just like we thought, yet so many people live in dark environments We get that the housing search isn't always ideal; studios are small, your apartment may face an alley instead of a park, the windows even nonexistent. Your landlord may not allow you to paint or you don't have the budget to remodel. We totally get how brightening up a room can be a challenge when you have to work with what you got. That's why we're here to help. If you're living in a bat cave, try these 5 tips for brightening up a room. 


When you can't paint your walls, add bright accent colors into your decor. Throw some brightly colored pillows onto your couch, or get a bright colored side chair. You can even expand to vases, flowers, lamps, art and knick-knacks - anything, really, that is bright and fun to make up for the white walls. 


When in doubt, stick to white, not tan or grey. White is the universal color to signify a clean, bright and chic home. Tan and grey, while both great colors, can easily darken a room. When your living space is small or lacks good windows (aka natural light), you want to avoid dark colors. 

photo by Kelly Oxford

Ditch the thick drapes and swap them out for white sheer ones like we have in the Barn and Willow store. Sheer drapes let all that great natural light in but still allow you to have privacy. 



White space is an art principal. It's a calming space and allows the viewer's eyes to move around the art piece. The same concept applies to art within a home. Choosing to decorate with art that contains white space adds that bright, clean "space" for the eyes which helps to make the room feel brighter. 


Swap out your light bulbs for a different type of light. Yellow light is warmer, which many people associate with homes, but this type of light isn't as strong. White light is stronger and brighter and may be a good choice to try for rooms that don't get much natural light.