Pack Your Carry-On Like a Pro

This weekend, approximately 35 million Americans will hit the road for some holiday travel.  

It's hard to believe that the hallmark article that appeared in the NY Times on packing for airline travel is already 5 years old.

It's time for a facelift.  

Here are a few tips and tricks for packing like a pro:

  • Generate a versatile packing list

I love this graphic from All Day Chic that details a basic packing list:

via All Day Chic

  • Roll Your Clothes! (They wont get wrinkled, I promise)

 Rolled clothes take up much less space than folded clothes, allowing space for more clothing or for additional items such as laptop chargers and snacks.  You can also try rolling entire outfits together.  That way everything is in one place.

via Gurl

  • Pick Shoes First.

Shoes take up so much space.  And if you're a shoe fanatic like me (I swear I don't have a problem), planning your outfit around your shoes won't be hard.  Pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes.  Consider wearing your largest or bulkiest pair of shoes on the plane with you.  

via The Avid Appetite

  • Layer, Layer, Layer! 

Whether you're considering what to wear on the plane or what to pack in your suitcase, planning outfits that can be layered will be your saving grace.  This is especially helpful when traveling in areas of inclement weather.  Coats, hats, and umbrellas take up precious room.  According to experts, a thermal t-shirt and long underwear will allow you to be comfortable using a sweater, fleece, or lined windbreaker.

via Aelida