5 Tips To Get Your Guest Bedroom Ready For the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, providing ample opportunity for out-of-town guests and visitors to show up at your doorstep. Now is the time to shine by making sure your home and guest bedroom is fresh and ready for hosting!

To ensure you are the host with the most and your guests have everything they need for a pleasant stay, take inventory of what you have and need, and use these five simple tips to be prepared.

Clean and pressed blankets on a guest bedImage via Etsy

1. Press Your Bedding

If your guest room has been out of commission for the past 11 months, one of the first things to cross off your list is ensuring the bedding is in great shape. One little trick for making giving a slight hotel bed look is ironing your pillowcases and the top half of the fitted sheet. Not only does it look great, but nothing feels more luxurious than a bed with smooth linens.

Brass lamp on a guest's bedside tableImage via Hanna Wessman

2. Optimize The Bedside Table

Less is more here, so don't fill the tops of the bedside tables with too much decor. Be sure to consider that your guest will likely charge their phones here and keep other personal belongings like wallets, keys, etc. You don't want them moving around trinkets just to have enough room for their own items.

Wooden chair in a guest bedroom for the holidaysPhoto via Amber Interior Design

3. Add Seating

If space allows, place a chair in your guest room. A comfortable lounge chair or something more compact if needed can add that extra special touch for people who like to sit when removing shoes or to read, or for those who just need to get off their feet. Chairs are especially considerate for older relatives who have a harder time bending down. 

Get this look with Barn & Willow drapery in grey or white.  

Extra towels and linens for holiday guestsPhoto via How To Decorate

4. Stock A Guest Closet 

To ensure everyone has the best stay possible in your home, stock a closet with things your guests may need. For guests who truly believe more is more when it comes to bedding, have extra blankets and pillows ready for them to use.

Offering your guests extra towels, toothbrushes, toiletries and even makeup removing wipes shows them you're thinking of your guests and want them to feel comfortable during their stay. 

Additionally, by stocking a closet for guests to access, visitors won't have to constantly ask you for things, making both yours and their lives easier. 

Pink and white flowers in a guest bedroom Photos via French By Design

5. Add fresh stems

A simple vase with fresh cut flowers can be an inexpensive yet effective way of making a room feel inviting. Find a nice vase and arrange two or more varieties of flowers to give the feeling of a custom bouquet. Grocery store flowers are perfectly okay, but make sure to combine different shapes and textures within the same color family to give it some "oomph". 

By using these five tips to better your guests' stay in your home, you and your guests are sure to have an easier and more enjoyable holiday.

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