6 Reasons You Need Sheer Barn & Willow Drapes

Sheer drapes are all the rage in the design world—and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are sheer curtains an easy way to bring ethereal vibes into your space, they’re great for all kinds of other interior things, too.

Not sure what we mean? Read ahead for six reasons you should consider dressing up your windows—and more—with sheer Barn & Willow drapes at home for a change.

1. They bring instant boho vibes into your home

bohemian interior, sheer drapesImage via @fridlaa

Nothing makes a room feel more bohemian than sheer drapes. Hang some see-through window treatments, like our Belgian Sheer Linen drapes, to usher in natural light and channel your inner boho at home, just like we saw on @fridlaa.

2. They tie together differently shaped windows

Working with two different types of window shapes in the same room? Use sheer drapes to score a seamless look that doesn’t draw too much attention to the fact that the windows are mismatched.

3. They make small rooms look bigger

sheer drapes, home decor ideas

Image via @ourvintagenest

Searching for a simple way to open up a cramped room? Employ sheer curtains in the windows (in place of more opaque ones) to let in natural light and a make a tight space appear larger than it actually is, as we saw on @ourvintagenest.

4. They divide rooms in style

If you thought your sheer drapes would only work with windows, then think again. Sheer drapes make gorgeous room dividers in an open-layout room, since they separate distinct spaces without sacrificing the sense of openness.

5. They layer nicely

layered drapes, home decor ideas

Image via @barnandwillow

Looking for a goofproof way to create a luxe window display? Layer sheer drapes with opaque curtains to create a rich and sophisticated window scene in seconds, like we saw on @barnandwillow.

6. They stylishly conceal storage

No proper doors on your bedroom or coat closet? No problem. Hang a sheer drapery panel or two from a tension rod inside the closet to create a chic cover that will hide your unsightly storage from plain sight.

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