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How To Achieve 5 Star Hotel Living At Home

After a long day of traveling whether by car or plane, one of the most rewarding parts of your trip is opening the door to a fresh, clean hotel room. Not only because you're the weary traveler but because luxury hotels know how to create spaces where you can feel pampered and at ease. 

Your home is quite different than a hotel space, with housekeepers turning your room every morning with a crisply made bed and freshly folded towels.  You also use your home differently and sometimes it because the space that holds the overflow from your busy week. But there are some ways to bring that feeling of hotel luxury into your bedroom and we've got 5 steps to show you how!


Barn & Willow:  How to achieve 5 star hotel living at home

Barn & Willow: How to achieve 5 star hotel living at home

images from Liljencrantz Design

Use of Space

Hotels need to fit an entire living area in a small space, even more spacious suites are smaller than the typical apartment or house. They way they use space can teach us a few things we can use in our own home. Most hotel rooms have a generous sized bed, a bedside table or two, some sort of table or desk, drapery to let you control light and clever storage solutions for all your things. You won't find a lot of various pieces of furniture, only the essentials. The home pictured above is a great example of a residence that possesses that luxurious feel but notice the way the space is used. A chair in the corner, floor to ceiling doors that conceal shelves and closets, velvety carpeting and discreet bedside lamps that don't add bulk. 


Barn & Willow: How to achieve 5 star hotel living at home

Barn & Willow: How to achieve 5 star hotel living at home

images from Joseph Dirand 

Color Palette

Each hotel is going to have their own color palette but generally, the colors chosen are selected to bring each guest comfort. What colors comfort and warm you? If a neutral space gives you a sense of peace and quiet consider shades of soft grey rather than the typical contractor beige. You can warm it up with furniture or add accents of additional colors. In this bedroom belonging to French designer Joseph Dirand, a continuous palette of greige is only accented by a bit of brass and a honey-colored rattan woven into the bench. 


Barn & Willow: Tips to Achieve 5-Star Hotel Living at Home

image from Studio KO

The Not-So-Obvious Keys to Comfort

Some other keys to achieving hotel-like comfort might be easily overlooked. Symmmetry accented by organic shapes can be a way to create a space that doesn't feel distracting or imbalanced but also not stuffy or pretentious. In the example above you'll find two smaller beds anchored by a large wooden table that also serves as headboards. the matching bedding helps to create a very symmetrical display however the hand-built pottery offset by the thin lined task lamp help round out any harsh lines. 


Barn & Willow: Tips to Achieve 5-Star Hotel Living at Home

image from Felix Forest 


Whenever possible, natural light is preferred. It is the most attractive but also the most soothing for us house dwellers. Make sure your windows are not obstructed during the day and that in the morning you pull any shades or curtains to let maximum light to flood the room. Even if your window has a less preferable view, try a sheer drape or curtain that still allows the passage of light while maintaining privacy. If you space allows, position your bed opposite or perpendicular to the light source to shine light on what is the focal point of your room. 



Barn & Willow: How to achieve 5 star hotel living at home

image from Liljencrantz Design

The Bed

Hotel rooms are notorious for their well-made beds and this is one of the easiest ways to bring that luxury into your own space. Don't go overboard with the pillows, make sure you have bedding that fits correctly and try out different arrangements to find the one that appears most tidy and appealing to you. And if you haven't already, invest in quality bedding like a duvet cover, coverlet and bed skirt (check out bedding company, Brooklinen, for the most luxurious, most affordable linens on the planet.  Trust us.)   Having the bed look complete is one of the best ways to elevate your bedroom to hotel living. 

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