Pro Tips for Decking Your Halls by Designer Emily Bowser

Let’s face it: For as fun as decorating your home for the holidays can be, sometimes it can get pricey. That’s why it pays to figure out ways to deck your halls for the season without going on a full-fledged shopping spree.

To help you affordably dress up your home for the holidays, we called on Emily Bowser, a design stylist for Emily Henderson, for advice. From small décor items (that make a big impact) to found objects and more, read ahead for a handful of ways you can save big on holiday decorations this season—without sacrificing an inch of style.  

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Image via Emily Henderson 

1. Limit Your Decorations to One Box Per Holiday

“I love the holiday season but I've been able to keep my holiday hoarding to one box for Christmas, and one for Halloween—my husband's personal favorite,” Bowser says. “If it doesn't fit in the box, I don't buy it”

2. Donate the Decorations You Don’t Use

Once you decide to limit your decorations to one box per holiday, there’s a chance you’ll have some items you don’t have room for. “Donate the décor you can’t and won’t use,” Bowser says. “This allows you to switch up your décor seasonally and help others shopping on a budget.”

3. Buy Small Decorations Instead of Large Ones

Looking for a goofproof way to save money on holiday decorations and save space at the same time? Bowser says to stick with smaller items when shopping for seasonal décor. “Buy smaller, flatter things that still make a big impact, like paper bats, spooky fabrics, DIY snowflakes, and lots of candles,” she explains.  

4. Use Found Objects to Save Money on Holiday Decorations

No matter what your holiday décor budget may be, Bowser says you can always count on interesting found objects to make a festive seasonal statement in your home. “Whether it’s a real pumpkin or dead tree branches spray painted black for a spooky effect—search for items that you can repurpose into holiday décor.”

5. Follow Your Heart When Decorating for the Holidays

Above all else, Bowser believes you should go with your gut and follow your heart when decking out your home for the holidays. "Having been a person who until more recently, moved a lot, I've never kept much in regards to holiday décor,” she says. “If it brings you joy and you have the space, go for it.”

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