Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green

Barn & Willow: Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green                                                                                            photo from Oliver Gustav

The seasons are changing, and hopefully warming up wherever you are. Even if you don't have warmer temperatures yet, you're likely getting extra sun which probably has you wanting to give your living space a fresh look.  While there are thousands of ways you can give your home more life and color, one of the easiest and often overlooked methods is with plants! Of course fresh cut flowers and grasses can also give the same effect, but their time is limited.

Adding a potted plant, or two, or ten, can give you space a whole new look, bring color and not to mention fresh air, and even height variation. An indoor tree, like the ones pictured above can really redefine your home. Of course something in this size is for those of you with high ceilings and a serious commitment to horticulture, but for the rest of us small space dwellers or part-time plant lovers, a little dose will do you. Even one small new plant can really make an otherwise monochrome or lifeless space feel full of life again.


Here are a few reasons we think your next home update should include something green and leafy. 

1. Spend Less

The other great thing about plants, they don't cost very much! Sure, some exotic species can be an investment and you can go all out on pottery if you really want, but the point is you don't have to! In comparison with other changes you could make at home, like buying brand new furniture and rugs or making structural changes to your space, purchasing a couple new plants are a much more budget friendly alternative. Also, they're quick! If you're an instant-results kind of person, you can pot and display new plants in a short afternoon. Or you can just watch paint dry, totally up to you!  ;)

 Barn & Willow: Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green                                                                                               photo from Varpunen

2. Get Creative 

Try planting in baskets or oversized clay vessels. As long as there is some form of drainage, you can get creative and stay within a budget by planting in a variety of containers. If you lack the floor space, find hanging pots. This is a great opportunity to draw the occupants eye up and around the room and also a great excuse to browse all sorts of hanging pots online. We like this one and this one, if you need some suggestions. 

Barn & Willow: Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green                                                                                           photo from Design Office 

3. Think Big or Small

You have a small space or your current home is already furnished corner to corner. Don't worry about how to fit a giant fiddle leaf fig into your already-cramped space, find an open space on a shelf to nestle a modest house plant into. A little can go a long way and you'll be surprised at how much you enjoy even a petite plant to look at. 

For a few small plant ideas we like Asparagus Fern, Pilea Peperomioides and Staghorn Fern

Barn & Willow: Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green                                                                                                  photo from Decoist 

4. Break Up Monochrome 

If you're a monochrome lover, a nice way to add a little bit of color without sacrificing your commitment to a simple palette, is by adding some sort of foliage. You can keep is simple with a non-flowering plant or small tree. If you go for a large plant, you can get the same impact of multiple plants but in a more minimal form. One larger potted plant like a Parlor Palm, European Olive tree or Rubber Tree can offer an interesting silhouette and graphic look to your space without the clutter or many smaller plants. 

 Barn & Willow: Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green                                                                                         photo from Rum Hemma

5. Accessorize 

If you're wanting to fill empty spaces in your home, rather than giving into the temptation of buying another chair (we get it) or side table, go for a plant. Your space full feel more full and complete without adding another piece of furniture in a bare spot. 

Barn & Willow: Why Your Home's Best Accessory is Green                                                                                              photo from Anna Gillar

6. Added Contrast

Unless you already have dark green walls, planted pots can added a nice contrast to your space. Even more so if you happen to have lighter walls and floors, like above, tree foliage can really pop.

Hopefully we've given you some great examples and reasons to put down that extra throw pillow and head towards the plant nursery instead. It's the perfect Spring time accessory to add to your home, whether Spring is about to arrive or you only wish it were!  

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