6 Things Not to Worry About When it Comes to Decorating

We hear all sorts of concerns from customers and friends when it comes to decorating their space: What are the latest trends in home décor? Will drapes shrink my already small space? How do I settle on a particular style to suit my home?

PSA: Stop stressing so called décor “faux pas”, they are no big deal at all.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this list of what you absolutely do not need to worry about when it comes to decorating your home.


Keeping Up With the Joneses

Arguably the most important advice you will read here is to not worry about keeping up with the latest in home decor trends.  Taking risks is a big part of finding your own style (you remember what you wore in the 90’s), and following current trends leaves no room to grow into your true style in your space.

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Source: The Decor Love

This room featuring an animal skin rug, abstract landscape painting against a reclaimed wood wall and emerald drapes is far from keeping the decor choices concise, yet somehow this wild combination of styles undoubtedly works.


Mixing Materials

Similarly to not paying much attention to the latest trends, there needn’t be stress regarding mixing of materials. Hardwood lives a monotonous life if it lives exclusively among hardwood…right?  Find it a comrade in a brick wall… or tile… or any material for that matter.  Mixing what some might consider conflicting materials actually brings an unexpected yet unique combination to the space.

Barn & Willow custom drapes one third of the price

Source: Grace Spain

Several different materials live in harmony in this trendy kitchen.


Curtains Can Make Your Space Feel Larger, We Swear

We’ve come across the common myth that adding drapes to a room can clutter the space and make it appear smaller. We are here to dispel that myth.  Adding long curtains to your room by placing them up high on a wall can actually elongate the space and make it appear larger. Leaving the curtains open during the day not only adds light to the room, but also adds dimension, making it appear as though the window or wall which they frame is further back than the other walls in the room.

Barn & Willow custom drapes one third of the price

SourceRethink Design Studio

These accent curtains add a whole new dimension to this bedroom. Like this look? Shop our 2 Pinch Pleated Drapes in Seafoam.


The Paint Doesn’t Need to Be Perfect

When it comes to overall aesthetic, don’t spend too much time stressing about a room’s paint job. Sometimes it’s better to just let the paint that’s pre-existing guide the direction of the room’s decor. While this may sound like crazy talk to some, it can end up saving you time second guessing the perfect color, and bring an totally unexpected vibe to the space.

Barn & Willow custom drapes one third of the price


This room features a wall that is the result of stripping wallpaper. While it may look undone, it adds character to the room and becomes a centerpiece.


Opt for an Unexpected Furniture Arrangement

Focusing on matching furniture can get you into very pricey territory, and you may be finding it impossible to find just the right ones. So throw ‘matching’ out the window and mix together the furniture pieces you already own.

Barn & Willow custom drapes one third of the price

Source: Homestead Seattle

Try a dresser as a unifying piece to bring a sitting area together and let the chairs do the talking.


Combine Drastically Different Styles

Why choose one style when you can have them all? A dramatic mix of materials, time periods, and styles is key to creating a personal environment that reflects your unique aesthetic. Don’t worry about coordinating your separate pieces in the exact same style-- very few of the most gorgeous spaces do!

Barn & Willow custom drapes one third of the price

Source: studio razavi

This room features an eclectic mix of styles, from the ornate fireplace to traditional beams and doors to the mid-century seating lucite coffee table.

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