Best of Buddies... Sourcing Art to Compliment Drapes

If you’re like us, you will likely overlook that blank space next to or in between your drapes, but look again...and behold the big, bright canvas that awaits your adorning.

Source: gracespain

While artwork and drapes seem more like very distant cousins in the home decor world, we think they should be thought of rather, as the closest of kin.

Source: Lonny

Artwork can be placed in between drapes to fill space and create a cohesive color scheme and look in the room. While the art may initially serve as a compliment to the drapes, this will also create the appearance of a frame for the artwork.

Source: HomeBunch

It can also be placed to the side of drapes to emphasize the color scheme. If the drapes are blue and gold, place artwork featuring blue and gold next to or near the drapes. Sometimes curtains can blend into the room, but using artwork to compliment them will make them a statement piece.

Source: studio karin

Here’s a tip: match the frame of the art to your curtain rods. This will make the drapes stand out even more.

Source: Yatzer


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