Why you should go custom for odd-sized / shaped windows.

Do you have tall windows? Are they too wide? Do they run floor to ceiling? No problem! We’ve got you covered.

At Barn & Willow, we know that not all windows are made alike, so why should you need to conform to the "standard" and off-the shelf sizes that manufacturers set? Instead of too-short drapes or ones that don't fit your window sizes well, you can get your draperies at the right width and length that fits your windows and home decor style, without breaking your bank. 

Here are the three major factors to consider when shopping for custom drapes: quality, value, and convenience.

First off, let's talk quality.

When shopping for custom draperies, we know that every customer wants high quality products at a reasonable price. We also know how insanely priced quality custom drapes are. Our draperies are all sourced from the most venerable Masters of Linen certified linen mill in Belgium (that many of your favorite retailers source fabrics from too), to ensure that our draperies are the premium most quality and will last. How do we ensure our drapes are reasonably priced and not "insanely" marked up like other retailers? With our unique, middlemen free supply chain.

We outlined our supply chain model below:

For more details about what you should be looking for when shopping for Belgian Linen and our Masters of Linen certifications, we discuss that here.


We pride ourselves in bringing you the best linens at the best price. In fact, our drapes are about one-third the price of traditional big box retailers.

Traditional retailers and window treatment showrooms source their fabrics from a series of middlemen - distributors, wholesalers etc. Barn and Willow eliminates the middlemen, working directly with textile mills to source the finest fabrics, have them custom-stitched in one of our stitch factories, and shipped directly to you within 7 days. 

Here we compared our drapes with a leading retailer - 

Consider our Belgian Flax Linen drapes in Mist Gray, in a soft top (also known as rod pocket) style, with a privacy lining, and with the dimensions 60"(W) x 92"(L). At Barn & Willow, this would cost $244 per panel.

Let’s head on over to Restoration Hardware, who uses the same Belgian linen mill as we do (we understand – it is the best!). The same product (yes, the colors look slightly different on the web, but trust us, it's the same fabric, just different names) – Belgian Linen Cross Weave drapery in Mist, in a rod pocket style, with a privacy lining, and the dimensions 60"(W) x 92"(L), would be a hefty $959 per panel.

We compared our Belgian Textured Linen draperies in Oyster with theirs in Natural as well. (It's the same fabric too!)


Recently, one of our customers, Rosa, shared photos of her home with us on Houzz! She opted for our Belgian Flax Linen Drapes in Oatmeal and Optic White to flank the windows on her wall. Typically, most retailers that produce custom drapes go up to 180 inches in length. For Rosa's tall windows, the panels are 235 inches tall. 

With our Auto-Sizing Calculator you can easily calculate what dimensions you need for your draperies. We factor in length (for example, if you want your drapes to fall right on the floor, float 1/2" above the floor, or puddle a bit), we calculate that for you. 

You can even follow along with our measurement videos, and if you need additional assistance, our designers are alway available to help for free, via phone, email, or chat.

Are you ready to go custom for your window treatments?